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HASCI (PL-FUT) transplantation,no traditional techniquecan compare to.

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A unique PL-FUT technique

HASCI treatment is unprecedented. No traditional transplant technique can compare. Results are very personal, determined by hair color, hair structure and general condition of hair and skin. A free consultation is the first stage of the process, designed to provide you with professional advice and how HASCI treatment can suit your personal requirements.

The HASCI method

A PL-FUT cell transplant, also known as the HASCI method, does not remove the entire hair follicle. Instead, several hair stem cells are left in the donor area to stimulate regrowth.

  • Multiple transplants can be performed in a single donor area

  • Hardly any scars

  • Almost painless

As only part of the hair follicle and its stem cells is removed, the remaining and transplanted stem cells stimulate new hair growth in a matter of weeks, generating the same quality hair as the existing hairs. The final result can be seen after a full hair growth cycle of nine months.

The HSI-method

How does PL-FUT (HASCI) transplantation work?

Studies carried out by physician and researcher Drs. Coen Gho found that several new hairs can be produced using only part of the hair stem cells (instead of the entire follicle). This results in new hair growth in both the donor area and the receptor area.

 The HASCI method cleverly uses natural stem cells paired with a specially-developed medium that guarantees the viability of the grafts and stimulates further growth in the stem cells. Both components are essential to achieving the desired results, a distinctive feature of the HASCI method. A natural hairline can be created using smaller grafts than the ones used in other techniques.


An overview of the HASCI method

  • HASCI uses its own unique – local – anaesthesia method, much less painful than traditional methods;
  • This makes the treatment itself entirely painless;
  • Thanks to the exceptionally small needles, there’s no post-operative pain either;
  • The result is virtually complete regrowth in both the donor and receptor areas;
  • Full healing of the donor area within two days;
  • A very natural result;
  • Full healing of the receptor area within seven to ten days;
  • Suitable for facial area treatments;
  • Suitable for treatment of scar tissue (e.g. burn wounds);
  • Specialized in scar tissue treatments caused by other hair transplant techniques;
  • If desired, multiple treatments are possible due to the recovery of hair follicles in the donor region.

Higher hair density

The Partial Longitudinal Follicular Unit Extraction method, or HASCI method, is an innovative hair transplant technique developed by Dr.Coen Gho. It extracts parts of hair follicles using very small needles (diameter 0,5-0,6 millimeter and length 5-6 millimeters). The technique allows stem cells in the donor area and extracts stem cells at the same time for transplantation in the reception area. Both follicles are able to grow hair. Additionally, the grafts are much smaller compared to conventional hair transplantation techniques, providing higher hair density without virtually any kind of scarring.

PL-FUT hair transplant is virtually painless

At Hair Science Institute we rather talk about a treatment instead of a transplantation.

Donor region after extraction


Grafts from donor area


Reception Region 9 months after treatment


Introducing unique hair transplantation

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HASCI transplantation, a patented and sophisticated technique

Researcher Coen Gho has conducted fundamental research on hair transplantation since 1996. His studies have found that different parts of the hair follicle contain stem cells that can stimulate hair growth. These studies formed the basis of the hair multiplication techniques used by Hair Science Institute, such as hair stem cell transplantation. The HASCI method is a hair stem cell transplant method that utilizes the potential of stem cells. This technique was developed by Hair Science Institute and is used worldwide in our clinics in Amsterdam, Maastricht, Cap d’Antibes, London, Jakarta and Riyadh. A PL-FUT transplant is only performed in certified Hair Science Institute clinics, where technicians and physicians are trained by the Hair Science Academy.  

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