Costs of a hair transplantation

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HASCI Hair Transplant PL-FUT method comparison

The costs required for HASCI Hair Transplant are not just counting the number of graft to be taken and planted, but also for special techniques that are only owned by the Hair Science Institute brand, which allows closer results and regeneration of the donor area.

Estimated Cost for Women

Women usually experience loss evenly throughout the area, and are difficult to assess. Therefore, direct consultation with our experienced doctors is an ideal way to assess the situation and provide an estimated price.

Is this treatment covered by insurance?

In general, health insurance does not cover the costs of Hair Transplant, which is a cosmetic requirement. However, in certain cases, our treatment may be covered, depending on the policy we have. For example, if a transplant is medically necessary (categorized as non-cosmetic), or if the policy covers the treatment of scars (scar, burn). To get certainty, you can contact your insurance provider, and we will help if needed.