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HASCI/PL-FUT transplantation a sophisticated technique developed by Drs. Coen Gho

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Scars and Burn wounds

One characteristic of scar tissue is that hair growth never recovers. Thanks to the HSI method, it’s now possible to achieve hair growth on scars, even if only a small number of donor hairs are available.

Traditional hair transplant techniques are often limited by the number of hairs in the donor area and the size of the graft. With the HSI method, part of the hair follicle remains after the graft is extracted, leading to continued hair growth in the donor area. These new hairs can serve as donor follicles for future treatments.

As of the early 1990s, Drs. Coen Gho is closely involved in the development of new medication and treatment methods for victims of burn scars. The results of these studies have led to the development of the HSI method that has been a crucial distinction for many physical victims in recent years for their physical and psychological recovery.

Drs. Coen Gho’s first goal was to develop a technique that would not only be painless but that would also have a very fast healing process. Because of the tiny dimensions of the grafts in the HSI method, and the fact that they fit precisely in the holes, the grafts bond in their new location very quickly. Circulation is restored within one day, which means the healing process is faster and the chance of scarring is minimal. His second goal was to achieve natural hair growth on scar tissue with poor circulation.

 The specially-developed medium in which the grafts are stored after extraction keeps the grafts in optimum condition. As a result, it is possible to achieve excellent results even on skin of lesser quality.

Hair Stem cell tranplantation on scar tissue hair

In the case of burn patients, it is often the case that there is only a small donor area available for the transplant. In addition, these patients have in many cases already undergone several reconstructive operations which are not only physical but also psychologically a heavy burden. Dr. Coen Gho’s goal was to develop a technique that is not only virtually painless, but also knows a rapid healing process.

Scar tissue is by definition characterized by the absence of hair follicles, which can no longer restore the original hair growth. But thanks to the HSI method, it is also possible to realize new hair growth on scars. Thanks to the specially developed medium in which the grafts are stored after extraction, those grafts remain in optimal condition. As a result, quality on the skin can also be a good result. In particular, for burn patients, this technique, which is not only very painless but also knows a rapid healing process, is a result.

Igli's story

Igli after Hair Stem Cell transplantation

One of Hair Science Institutes greatest success stories is that of Igli, who suffered severe burns when he was just six months old. He has always dreamed of having a full head of hair. After several successful treatments with the HSI method, Hair Science Institute was able to make this dream come true.


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