Ingrid Willems satisfied with eyebrow transplant

“I am so happy I regained my facial expression.”

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Until recently, there was no way to reconstruct natural looking eyebrows. Now it is possible, thanks to the unique HSI method, which was specifically designed to prevent scarring.

Eyebrows are extremely important and give depth and expression to a face. When eyebrows are thin or missing entirely (due to over-plucking for example), the HSI method can help restore or restructure them.

When restoring eyebrows, it’s extremely important that the hair is implanted in the right shape and direction. The HSI method uses precision instruments and requires very little recovery time, which means the eyebrows heal very quickly.

To fill in the eyebrows even more, clients can opt for a follow-up treatment or eyebrow pigmentation, which gives the eyebrows a fuller, more natural look. The HSI method is virtually painless.


Wenkbrauwen voor behandeling

Eyebrows before treatment

Wenkbrauwen direct na behandeling

Eyebrows immediately after treatment

Wenkbrauwen 9 maanden na behandeling

Eyebrows 9 months after treatment

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We understand that clients considering hair stem cell treatment want the best care and the best result possible. Our unique HSI treatment is unprecedented, no traditional transplant technique can compare. That’s why we offer free consultations to make sure clients feel comfortable and confident in their decision-making and ensure that our staff and clinic are the right fit. You will get a personalized professional advice about hair stem cell transplantation.