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Reconstructive hair surgery

The results of hair transplantation are not always satisfactory to a client, for example because of visible scars or an unnatural hairline. Hair Science Institute is specialized in the reconstruction of previous – traditional – hair transplantations.

One of the major drawbacks of traditional hair transplant techniques is the formation of visible scar tissue in the donor region. Although the severity and extent of the damage may affect possibilities, both the treated area and the scars resulting from previous hair transplantations can often be successfully treated with the HSI method.

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We understand that clients considering HASCI hair treatment want the best care and the best result possible. Our unique HASCI treatment is unprecedented, no traditional transplant technique can compare. That’s why we offer free consultations to make sure clients feel comfortable and confident in their decision-making and ensure that our staff and clinic are the right fit. You will get a piece of personalized professional advice about HASCI hair transplantation.