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The treatment day step-by-step

We will make it as comfortable as possible

Next to the treatment we can take care of your concerns around your treatment. For example, we can arrange transportation to and from our clinic, or book a nice hotel room or a good restaurant to enjoy your stay even more.

We go the extra mile to make your day as comfortable as possible.

Extraction of the grafts

Treatment day HSI extraction grafts

Preparation before treatment
Before we begin the treatment process, we will take photos for the patient file. The donor area will then be isolated and shaved. The best results are obtained if the whole head is shaved, although for obvious, aesthetic reasons, this is not generally done on women (unless explicitly requested).

Removing the grafts
After the donor area is shaved, a superficial anaesthetic is applied. Once the anaesthetic has taken effect, the technician starts extracting the grafts. Clients can ask for a break whenever they need it. After the grafts are extracted, the clients are treated to lunch at Hair Science Institute.

Implanting the grafts in the receptor area

Superficial anaesthetic
After the lunch break, new photos are taken and a disinfecting cream is applied to the donor area. The doctor once again discusses and confirms the desired receptor area with the client before marking the area and applying the anaesthetic.

Watching the process
Once the anaesthetic has taken effect, the doctor starts making the little holes. We find it important to consult clients on these holes and give them the opportunity to watch the process in the mirror. After the holes are made, the entire scalp is washed. The grafts are implanted by either two technicians or a doctor and a technician. Two people work together to implant the grafts, unless time constraints or the receptor area itself do not allow for this.

Replacement of grafts in treatment area

Evaluation and advice

Photos and follow-up care

After the grafts have been implanted, new photos are taken for the patient file and the client is informed of the follow-up care procedure (i.e. medication and hair washing). Neither the treatment nor the medication affect the ability to drive, which means the client can drive home after the procedure. The photos can be sent to the client digitally upon request.

Hotel service

Many clients who undergo treatment in our clinics in Amsterdam or Maastricht need to stay overnight at a hotel the evening before their treatment. In order to facilitate this for our clients, Hair Science Institute has made very favourable arrangements with a number of excellent hotels nearby. In order to be eligible for this option, you must live at least 150 kilometres from the nearest clinic (Amsterdam or Maastricht). In this case, we will arrange an overnight stay including breakfast at one of our select hotels. There are no extra or hidden fees for this service!

For more information, please contact our clinics in Amsterdam or Maastricht. One of our staff members would be happy to answer your questions and take your reservation for treatment at the clinic of your choice and arrange an overnight stay for you if appropriate.

Let's meet

In order to fully inform you about our technique, treatment and what we can do for you but of course also what your wishes and expectations are, our doctors and technicians will take the time. You can schedule an appointment to discuss the above and ask any other questions and discuss the free advice from one of our doctors..