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Why so many men are getting botched hair transplants

Botched hair transplantants

Why do so many men get botched hair transplants? It´s still highly topical. Hair specialists warn time and time again about the risks of low-cost and dishonest clinics that perform bad, possibly dangerous hair transplants. 

The Telegraph

In a recent article on news website The Telegraph it is emphasised again: don´t be tricked by flashy websites, price reductions and large amounts of grafts to be transplanted. Do your homework properly if you are considering a hair transplant and don´t be fooled by tempting prices. If the practitioner is not a doctor and the clinic is not medically registered: just don’t do it.

It´s all about appearance

´In recent years, the solipsistic demands of social media have forced men to focus even more on their appearance,´ says Dr Coen Gho, founder of the Hair Science Institute, which has clinics in London, Amsterdam Hong Kong and Paris.

´Many men now do not meet their life partner until their thirties, he adds, by which point Mother Nature might have already cast its spell: male pattern baldness affects one third of men by the age of 35, and half by the age of 50. Around half of women over 65 are affected by female pattern baldness.´

Black market pirate clinics

Although the UK boasts several reputable hair transplant surgeons, the demand from balding men to reverse nature’s tide is being met in some quarters by ´black-market pirate clinics´, as the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) puts it. Dr
Gho says that 40 per cent of the patients he sees come to him to fix shoddy work they have received from lesser practitioners.

Good to know

The HST method is a patented and sophisticated form of hair transplantation. It is a scientifically proven, effective, state-of-the-art hair transplantation technique. The results with this method are simply unprecedented, and no traditional transplantation technique comes close. The number of grafts determine the costs of your treatment.


Choose reliability

Hair Science Clinics offers a suitable solution for different kinds of baldness. Ask for a free consultation with no obligation and a doctor will discuss your personal situation with you.


Personal advice

During the consultation, we will discuss your personal situation, the desired outcome, and the costs in depth. You will also find out about the technique, receive personal advice, and have the chance to ask questions. An individual treatment plan will then be put together for you on that basis. A consultation can be very valuable for both you and us.

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