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Hair Science Institute bermula dari Belanda kini hadir di Jakarta, Indonesia

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Pengalaman kami di seluruh dunia: 5 negara, 2 benua Eropa, Timur Tengah, Asia Pasifik

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Happy man drinks coffee after hair transplant at HSI

“Natural dan inovatif, Hasci Hair Transplant akan menjaga kepercayaan diri anda”

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Experienced Hair Science Institute technician

“Sebagai ahli teknis, kami selalu mengutamakan klien kami. Kami melakukan yang terbaik yang kami bisa” Yvette

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Apa yang membedakan Hasci Hair Transplant (HHT) dari teknik lainnya?

Hasci Hair Transplant / HHT (PL-FUT) adalah satu-satunya teknik transplantasi rambut yang menjamin pertumbuhan kembali area donor sampai 97.7%.  Artinya, tidak ada lagi area donor yang rusak.

Hair transplant technique

95.9% dari graft yang ditanam akan tumbuh, berdasarkan penelitian yang sudah dilakukan oleh pendiri kami, dr. Coen Gho.



Hair transplant technique

Teknik ekstraksi yang unik, dengan alat-alat yang dibuat khusus untuk Hasci, serta metode khusus untuk mempersiapkan graft yang akan ditanam, akan memberikan hasil bebas jaringan parut pada area donor.

Hair transplant technique

Do you want a compromise for your hair?

We assume the answer is “No, I want only perfect service and excellent results for the right amount of money” . That’s why Hair Science Institute has been serving patients using Partial Longitudinal FUT (PL-FUT) method, or commonly called HASCI Hair Transplant. Our success achieved through dedication and research in perfecting the HASCI method which is the hi-tech extension of a widely known FUE method. All hair loss treatments are carried out by experienced doctors and technicians. Hence, client satisfaction and confidence hair restoration are part of our service.

3 easy steps to restore your hairs and your confidence

  • Inquiry for face-to-face or remote consultation;
  • Free hair transplant consultation for your personal treatment plan and cost;
  • Painless and professional transplantation treatment with patented PL-FUT technique.

Behind the scene

Client Testimonials
Average appreciation: 9.8
21 JUL 2019

Extremely professional clinic, very friendly staff and a pleasant hygienic appearance. Perfect treatment with a great result. Can recommend it to anyone and I would do it again right away.

30 SEP 2019

The staff is great. They are friendly and straightforward. They explain everything and answer any questions you may have. I definitely feel comfortable trusting them as my place for surgery. I won’t let anyone else operate on my for any procedure that they offer.

22 DEC 2019

From A to Z a very professional approach and treatment of the client / patient. Dr. Van Herwijnen and her staff show commitment that I greatly appreciated. It was my 2nd treatment and that actually says everything. I can really recommend HSI.

Free consutlt for hair transplant at HSI

Let's meet up

We understand that clients who need Hair Transplant want the best care and results. Our HASCI Hair Transplant method is the only one that can provide these results. There is no traditional method that can match ours. Therefore we provide a free consultation to ensure that our clients feel comfortable and confident about our clinic. Obviously, you will get professional advice made only for you.

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