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Prof. Dr. Neumann

Hair Science Institute carries out research in collaboration with experts at various research centres and teaching hospitals throughout the country, such as Professor Neumann.

Managing director Prof. Dr. Neumann studied medicine at Leiden University and dermatovenerology at the University of Amsterdam’s Department of Skin and Venereal Diseases. In 1980 he began work as a dermatologist at the St Lambertus hospital in Helmond and the St Willibrordus hospital in Deurne. Three years later he obtained his doctorate with a dissertation entitled ‘Relevance of fluorescence techniques in immunological mediated skin disease.’ In 1992 he was appointed professor of Dermatology/Phlebology at the Academic Hospital Maastricht and in 1997 he was appointed endowed professor of Dermatology/Phlebology at the same institution. Dr Neumann worked as a professor of Dermatology at Erasmus University Medical Centre Rotterdam and is an international authority in the field of dermatology/phlebology.