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The possibilities with afro-textured hair

The HSI method is suitable for nearly all hair types, with the possible exception of afro-textured hair.
The curly structure of the hair continues subcutaneously into the hair follicle, making it hard to extract the right part of the follicle in the donor area. The HSI method uses small needles that follow the hair shaft to the hair follicle during the extraction process. By following the hair shaft, the needle automatically reaches the correct location to remove a few stem cells.

For afro-textured hair, it’s difficult for the needle to follow the curly structure of the hair shaft and subcutaneous hair follicle. This makes it hard to tell whether the right part was extracted to induce hair growth in the receptor area. The likelihood that the HSI method won’t work is higher in patients who have two parents with afro-textured hair.
Of course, there are plenty of cases where it is possible. To determine your options, we recommend sending several clear photos of different parts of your head so our doctors can assess the situation. In most cases, these photos are enough to determine whether a hair stem cell transplant is possible without you having to stop by our clinics. A trial treatment is also possible and can give you a better understanding of the options.

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