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The treatment day

Hair transplant

The treatment day

We naturally want your treatment day to run as smoothly as possible. We take care of all your worries. In the run-up to the treatment day, you will receive detailed instructions from us about the do’s & don’ts in the days prior to the hair transplant.

In the run-up to treatment

A Hair Stem Cell Transplant (HST) can normally be performed in one day and usually takes 8-10 hours. Before and after the procedure, we will give you instructions that optimise the safety and final result of the treatment. The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and is considered painless by most people. During the harvesting and reinsertion of the grafts, we will make you as comfortable as possible.

Leading up to treatment day, you will receive detailed instructions from us, on the do’s & dont’s prior to your hair transplant. We also help with the practical organisation. Would you like to spend the night in a hotel nearby, for example? We will be happy to arrange it for you.


From a week before treatment, you will start preparing for the procedure. To prevent an increased tendency to bleed, you should, in consultation with your doctor, stop taking blood-thinning medication and alcohol. You will receive precise instructions on what you may and may not do. On the day of treatment, you may have a normal breakfast, but should avoid coffee (and other caffeinated drinks).

In preparation for your HST treatment:

Morning program

Treatment day starts with taking photos for the treatment record. Donor and recipient areas are then shaved bald. The doctor thus has a good view of the area to be treated and can carry out the best possible treatment.

Not always all hair needs to be trimmed. It is sometimes possible to shave only a strip at the back of the head, for aesthetic reasons or when treating women, for example. We then make sure that the shaved area can be covered with the rest of the hair.

This is only possible if there is enough space to transplant between the hairs, without the risk of damaging surrounding hairs. The direction of the hairs, for example in the crown, also plays a role here. Whether a hair transplant without shaving is possible in your case, the doctor has assessed during your previous consultation.

After shaving, we anaesthetise the donor area locally. Then the harvesting of the grafts begins. You will feel almost nothing, all we expect from you is patience, as you will lie still on your stomach for several hours while the doctor and technicians extract the grafts from the donor area. Taking a break in between is simply possible.

Because we use precision instruments, wound formation when extracting the grafts is minimal and the donor area heals quickly. After completing the extraction of the grafts, the doctor marks the reception area with you and we offer you a delicious lunch of your choice.

Program overview

Afternoon program

The afternoon is dedicated to putting back the grafts. For this, with local anaesthesia again, the doctor prepares the recipient area.

After making the incisions for the new grafts, we wash the scalp. Then the grafts are placed in their new position by two technicians or by the doctor and a technician.

As it is important to us that the grafts are placed according to your wishes, you may watch in the mirror. During the treatment, it is possible to listen to music, watch a film and take breaks.

Once the repositioning of the grafts is complete, the doctor will do a full check-up and we will take further photos for your records. If you wish, you will receive your photos digitally. You will be given instructions and supplies for aftercare, including how to wash your hair and use medication.

The treatment and the local anaesthetic do not affect your ability to drive. After the procedure, you can drive home on your own.

Program overview

After treatment

Your skin recovers quickly in the days after the procedure. The transplanted grafts attach within 24 hours of treatment. Blood flow is also restored within one day. As a result, wound healing is fast and downtime is minimal.

The treatment area may be somewhat swollen and red in the first hours after the procedure. We will provide you with extensive information and an aftercare package to reduce swelling, prevent any itching and optimise recovery and final result.

In the days following treatment, you can work and function normally. However, you should refrain from physical exertion (sports) involving sweating until the wounds have healed and the new grafts have been properly sutured.

Lifetime result

The result of HST is permanent. Transplanted hair follicles continue to produce hair for a lifetime. The harvested grafts are super-small, creating a fine, very natural implant. The result is not visible immediately after treatment, but develops over a period of nine months; the duration of an entire hair growth cycle.

Final result

One day, one week and four months after treatment, we do telephone check-ups to see how your recovery is going. After nine months, there is the final – physical – final check-up by the doctor at our clinic. Then the final result of your treatment will be visible.

Quality of life

To assess outcomes of medical treatments like hair transplantation, the Patient Related Outcome (PRO) is used. The PRO of patients who have undergone HST treatment shows a significant improvement in quality of life after treatment. In fact, it appears that this improved quality of life - in addition to the proven cosmetic result - is an important consideration for people to undergo hair transplantation.

Life changing

If you don't want to go through life bald, in many cases something can be done about it. Tackling hair loss, thinning hair or baldness can be a real life changer. People who sometimes feel unhappy about their appearance for years get more joie de vivre and new self-confidence after a hair transplant.

At your service

We want your treatment day to run as smoothly as possible. That is why we are happy to take some organisation out of your hands. Would you like to spend the night in a hotel nearby? We will be happy to arrange this for you. Is the distance from where you live to the nearest clinic (Amsterdam or Maastricht) more than 150 km? Then we will offer you a free overnight stay in an excellent hotel. Of course, we are also happy to help you with tips and reservations for restaurants, for example.